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let’s bring your ideas to life

One of the things I love most about print and graphic design is the ability to take an idea and bring it to life: past clients have entrusted me to help bring their visions for their project from the idea phase to something tangible, beautiful and purposeful.

Don't know where to start? Does the whole process feel overwhelming? Are you someone who knows what you like when you see it, but maybe have a hard time translating your thoughts into "design speak"? I feel you! My process has been designed to help address all of these challenges, and help you to communicate your vision.

i specialize in helping:

  • Creative business owners & entrepreneurs that value beautiful design. Past clients (and current friends!) include artists of all sorts (from photographers to makeup artists to interior designers), wedding service industry members, real-estate agents, social-media influencers, and side-gig hustlers seeking to bring their talents to the world.

  • Non-profits seeking to communicate their message and extend their services to the communities they serve

  • Educators and educational institutions seeking to create effective instructional materials and learning tools to help students, administrators and other stakeholders further their learning.

THE BENEFITS of booking your project with me

  • My design books are limited to 2 projects at a time, so you (and your project) get the attention you deserve.

  • I don’t just want to know what your business is: I want to know why you care about it, how it works, and trust you to be the expert about your industry. I then take this knowledge and extend it to functional design that best matches your needs and goals.

  • I’ve been there. My professional experience as a designer, educator and non-profit sector employee informs my work on a daily basis, and I am happy to share the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

“Plan the Magic” Calendar Planner, Notepad, Logo & Branding project for The Magical Miranda

“Plan the Magic” Calendar Planner, Notepad, Logo & Branding project for The Magical Miranda

“Mas De Rigolos” Wine Label & Packaging Design

“Mas De Rigolos” Wine Label & Packaging Design

“Campus Climate Survey Toolkit” for the Oregon Attorney General’s SATF (nonprofit)

“Campus Climate Survey Toolkit” for the Oregon Attorney General’s SATF (nonprofit)



Below is a list of my most common print & graphic design services for clients. Not seeing the service you need? I most likely offer it, so let’s chat!

Drop me a note here, or use the “Contact me” button below to tell me a little more about your project needs.

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  • Business cards

  • Custom stationery

  • Client thank-you cards

  • Brochures

  • Magazines

  • Calendar Planners

  • Instagram post & branding packages

  • Etsy Shop Materials

  • Facebook timeline covers, post images

  • Apparel design

  • Client gift-certificates

  • Marketing materials (fliers, banners, yard signs)

  • Menus

  • Labels & Stickers

  • Year-End Report & Technical Report or Manual Design

  • Powerpoints & Google Slide Presentations

  • Resume & CV Design

  • Packaging Design

get started!