5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Invitations | Salem Oregon Invitation Design

This modern, neutral color palette and script detail makes this wedding suite shine!

This modern, neutral color palette and script detail makes this wedding suite shine!

And So It Begins...

It might feel like a little bit of a whirl whind: You got engaged, and immediately the details start popping up: What date should you choose? What venue? Do you do a casual ceremony, or a bling-filled bash?

Clear Process & Guidance

One of my passions when working with wedding invitation suite clients is to help de-mystify the paper process and provide a clear timeline: we cut out the hassle, give you a plan, and let you focus on the fun parts of the design process (choosing color, design, etc.).

Below are some of my favorite tried and true tips that I share with my clients:

  1. Have a clear budget in mind BEFORE you start shopping. I can help create options for almost any client's budget, and love when clients have taken time to identify what their wedding budget is ahead of time. Some items like foil press, white ink and letterpress designs are more expensive additions to your design process, so having a good understanding at the start of your design process will allow you to choose something that 1) doesn't break the bank and 2) you love.
  2. Count number of households you are sending invitations to, not people you are inviting. One of the first questions that I ask clients is how many total wedding invitation suites they will need. Instead of going straight to your total number of invited guests, count how many houses you will be shipping invitations to. For example: Say you are inviting 100 guests to the big day, but many of them (like your Aunt Sally's family) are family members that live in the same house (your Aunt Sally, and her three children), so you only need 65 total invitation suites, not 100.
  3. Don't forget the postage! Most invitation suites weigh a little more than standard postage. Make sure to factor about .45-70 cents per invitation suite into your overall budget so you aren't surprised when you go to send them out! For example: 65 wedding suites x .70 cents/ea for shipping = $45.50).
  4. Pinterest for the win! I love it when clients gather their ideas in one spot. When you pin designs you love, comment with what you love about them: Is it the font? The colors? Does the vibe match your big day? After you do this, take a step back and scroll through the overall board...what do you notice? Are there common themes? This will help your designer hone in on exactly the style that you love.
  5. Share the important details: Your designer will need to know 1) The date of the big day 2) If you are having a lot of guests travel to the wedding (this will help determine if you need to send invitations out a little early) and 3) If there will be events other than the wedding that guests need to know about (meet and greets, family bbqs, rehearsal dinners, etc.). This will help create a complete timeline, and allow you to not feel as stressed later on!

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