The Logo lab



Welcome to the Perfect Salt Studio pre-made Logo & Branding Lab! Created for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to take their business to the next level, you'll find beautiful logos ready for your custom touches.

Don't know where to start with your logo or branding? Does the whole process feel overwhelming? Are you someone who knows what you like when you see it, but maybe have a hard time translating your thoughts into "design speak"? I feel you! This process has been designed to help address all of these challenges.

Who it's for

  • Perfect for business owners that value beautiful design for their business, but might be on a tight timeline and don't have enough time to engage in our full branding/design process

The Benefits

  • My shop allows you to mix and match existing elements to get the perfect branding for your brand, in a quarter of the time of my full design process.

  • Your design is sold only once

  • You don't have to start from scratch! My designs are easily adaptable and able to incorporate your custom colors (or choose one of our branding boards and have color, pattern and logo completed for your brand!).

How it works:

  1. Choose your logo design

  2. If you wish to have a full branding package, select one of our custom branding boards, complete with colors, patterns and illustrated elements to enhance your brand

  3. Complete your design questionnaire at checkout (including any wording or color changes needed for your logo)

  4. Your beautiful files will be delivered to you via Dropbox, ready for you to put on your business marketing materials, invitations, etc.!